Company Overview

Since our founding in 1959, Healthy Food Co., Ltd. has worked to develop and sell food products to healthcare institutions and home care patients.
Healthy Food Group is engaged in wholesale business (direct sales to healthcare institutions), manufacturing business, mail-order business for home care patients, and overseas business to fulfill the needs of a wide range of customers.
Company name
Healthy Food Co., Ltd.
Headquarter address
756 Hino, Hino-city, Tokyo, 191-0012, Japan
Kashiwa branch
GLP Kashiwa 4F, 3-1 Shintoyofuta, Kashiwa-city, Chiba , 277-0804, Japan
Kitakanto Ota Sales office
869-1 Takahayashi mianami cho,Ota-city,Gunma,373-0827,Japan
December 25, 1959
39 million yen
Takashi Kuroda, President
Number of employees
Business description
Developing and selling foods to healthcare institutions and nursing homes
Official website

Group Companies

Company name
Healthy Network Co., Ltd.
756 Hino, Hino-city, Tokyo, 191-0012, Japan
July 8, 1999
10 million yen
Takashi Kuroda, President
Business description
Provide products for patients who are undergoing dietary therapy or nursing care at home

We provide high-quality products and services through a growing business network.

Healthy Food Group keeps on expanding its businesses in therapeutic food industry in a full scale. Accumulating the up-to–date information from four fields of our businesses constitutes our core competitiveness. Since the establishment in 1959, we have been making changes and taking new challenges constantly to lead the therapeutic food industry.

Wholesale Business

Healthy Food Co., Ltd.

Our wholesale team delivers more than 4,000 therapeutic food products to 6,000 healthcare institutions in the Great Tokyo Area (including Chiba, Kanagawa, Saitama, Gunma and Tochigi)
Holding “Healthy Food Seminar” for healthcare professionals on regular basis participation fee free.
Providing products instructions at the request of healthcare institutions
Holding cooking demonstration for contract food services company in Japan
Providing products information on regular basis
Providing reference materials for nutrition instructions

Manufacturing Business

Healthy Food Co., Ltd.

Healthy Food Co., Ltd. is the first company in Japan to sell thickener, and has been working to develop leading products that meet the needs of both healthcare professionals and patients.
We have developed a wide range of products for patients with swallowing difficulties, renal disorders (known as CKD), diabetes, and other special dietary needs.
Products Lineup
Texture-modified food products
  • ■ Thickening agents
  • ■ Jellified agents
  • ■ Texture-modified foods
  • ■ Thickened hydration supply beverages

Nutrient-dense foods
  • ■ High calorie foods
  • ■ High protein foods
  • ■ Calcium-dense foods
  • ■ Iron-dense foods
  • ■ Zinc-dense foods
  • ■ Vitamin-dense foods
  • ■ Dietary fiber-dense foods

Nutrient-modified foods
  • ■ Low protein foods
  • ■ Low calorie and low sodium foods

Selling products throughout Japan via local distributors.
Participating academic conferences held all across Japan.

Mail Order Business

Healthy Network Co., Ltd.

We sell therapeutic food products to patients who require dietary therapy at home. The mail order number exceeds 380,000 every year.
Mail order catalogues, Online store
We publish three catalogues named “Hatsu-ratsu”, “Iki-iki”, “Niko-niko” based on different dietary purposes, they are for people with swallowing difficulties, low protein and low calorie dietary needs respectively. All the products are available on our official online store. Our catalogues feature not only products information but also abundant columns authored by Japan’s top healthcare opinion leaders. Besides, the latest academic achievements information is also available. There are up to 18,000 hospitals using our catalogues to do nutrition supervision in Japan because of their convenience and applicability.
  • Iki-iki Food Products
    Low protein diet including ready-to-eat products, staple food and frozen meals.
  • Hatsu-ratsu Food Products
    Food products for dysphagia and malnutrition, including thickeners, texture-modified food, nutrient-dense food and senior-friendly frozen meals.
  • Niko-niko Food Products
    Low calorie and low sodium products, including snacks, beverages and frozen meals for diabetes.

Overseas Business

We provide the most up-to-date information of dietary therapy and suitable products for overseas markets. Since the first export to the South Korea succeeded in 1997, nowadays we have being expanding our businesses in China (Mainland), Taiwan and Singapore.

Health Food Matters

We export nursing care food through our partner and support the business in Singapore, as Singapore is the centre of the rapidly growing Southeast Asian market.